If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us. If you commit to one session a month that can make a significant difference. Obviously we’d love you to join us! All volunteers can be involved at the level that suits them. You may just want to come and watch. We depend on volunteers to make our work happen.

We particularly need volunteers to take part in “Open the Book” assemblies (Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 1.5 hours commitment on one of these days). Other assemblies, activities and lessons are enriched when volunteers from the local church join us.

As we look to the future we would love to be able to grow the work that we do. There are many opportunities in our schools today – and this ‘open door’ may not stay open! Let’s take the initiative now for the benefit of our children, schools and communities. We can only do this as we work together – across schools, churches and other charities.