About Us


TYP began in 2001 as a result of local churches seeing a need to work with children and young people of Tipton in the heart of the Black Country, one of the country’s most deprived areas. Initially teenagers were the main focus group, however since 2007 the emphasis changed with TYP working with primary schools and children’s groups in Tipton and the local area. TYP’s focus has always been to help children and young people gain self-esteem and life skills so they can contribute to their communities.


TYP works in primary schools taking assemblies, running after-school clubs, leading lessons and supporting schools in their work. TYP is also part of an initiative to provide chaplaincy to 11-16 year old pupils in a local academy group . Local churches are encouraged to provide volunteers who work alongside our staff, enabling school – church relationships to be established and grown assisting with church children’s groups.

Tipton Youth Project is funded through charitable grants and personal and church donations.